Installation FAQ

Welcome to the WHIM guidebook.

Getting your Canvas

When will I receive my Canvas?

We expect pre-order shipments to go out late Fall 2022. You will receive an email from WHIM with a tracking link on it once your order is fulfilled. Please check your emails and contact us if you need it sent again. You can reach us at help@onawhim.com

I want to change my shipping address for my WHIM Canvas.

If your order has not yet shipped you can either log into onawhim.com or send an email to help@onawhim.com with your order # requesting an address change. Once your order has been shipped (once you receive a tracking number) you can no longer change your address.

My WHIM Canvas arrived damaged. Help.

If your canvas arrived damaged please email us at help@onawhim.com. Include your order #, details of the damage, and some pictures showing how the canvas is damaged. We will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.


How do I connect my Canvas to my WIFI?

First, make sure you have downloaded the WHIM app, then click Add a new canvas and follow the instructions to connect your canvas to WiFi.

How do I change the WIFI my Canvas is connected to?

From the WHIM app, click on your canvas and then click on the settings icon. Under ‘Connectivity’ click WIFI. From here you can change the WIFI your canvas is connected to.

Can I use my Canvas without an internet connection?

No, the Canvas requires an active and stable internet connection in order to function properly.

How do I add bluetooth audio?

When you set up your Canvas you’ll be asked if you want to add a bluetooth speaker. You can change this later from Canvas settings.

How do I mount my new WHIM Canvas?

We put together a great guide for helping you mount your Canvas: Learn more


Will the application run on my Apple iPhone and Android?

Currently WHIM is only available on iPhone, Android is coming soon. You will need your iPhone to be on at least iOS 11.0 or higher. You can download the WHIM app on iPhone here.

How do I add a friend?

There are two ways to add a friend on WHIM. 1. Find a piece or Stash you like and click the blue link with the Creator’s name, then click the Add Friend button. 2. Go to My Stuff (the smiley face icon in the navigation bar) and click Friends. From here you can search for friends by entering their usernames into the search bar and then clicking Add Friend.

Does the WHIM App only work when I’m near my Canvas?

As long as your Canvas is provisioned and both your mobile device and Canvas have an active internet connection you can control the Stuff on your Canvas remotely from anywhere in the world.

How do I favorite a Piece or Stash?

To Fave something, find a Piece, Stash, or App you love and then click on the heart. You can find your Faves under My Stuff (the smiley face at the bottom right corner of the navigation bar).

How do I download an app in the WHIM app?

No need to download an app. All apps in WHIM can simply be shown on your Canvas just like another Piece.

How do I Show my WHIM apps on my Canvas?

First navigate to the Experiences tab (the 3x3 grid button on the navigation bar). From here find an app you wish to launch. Apps can be shown on Canvas like any other piece by clicking Show on the app details page.

How do I Show my Stuff on my Canvas?

Find something you want to Show on your canvas and navigate to the details page for that Piece, Stash, App, or Scene and click the Show button.

What is a Scene?

A Scene allows you to put pieces on your Canvas and then save that set-up so you can replay it in a snap!

Can I upload my own personal photos into my WHIM Canvas?

Definitely! Just go to My Stuff (the smiley face in the bottom right corner of the navigation bar) and then select My Shots. Hit the + on the top right and select your shots from your device library. Please note that WHIM requires access to your photo library in order to upload My Shots.

Can I upload photos for my own use without adding it to the WHIM cloud?

All of the My Shots you upload are stored in the WHIM Cloud, however your shots are only accessible by you unless you choose to share them with specific friends.

Do WHIM Canvases have a sleep mode?

Yes! There are a few different ways you can put your canvas to sleep. From the Home screen click on the Canvas you want to put to sleep and then click the Awake button (if you toggle the Asleep button, the Canvas will wake up). Alternatively you can click on the Now Playing bar and turn your brightness down to 0. Increasing the brightness will wake up your Canvas. Finally, if you go to the Home screen and look for ‘Routines’ you can click the Sleep All or Wake All buttons to toggle sleep on all of your connected Canvases at the same time.

Can I share the app with others in my household?

Yes! Other members of your household just need to download the WHIM app and create their own accounts in order to control the Canvas in your home. Once they have signed up, go to My Stuff and click Friends and add them as a friend. Once they accept you can go to the Home section and click on the … next to the canvas you want to share. From that menu click Share this Canvas (you can also do this from the Canvas Details page) and then click on the person you want to share the canvas with. If you have trouble sharing, go to Canvas Settings and make sure that Canvas Sharing is toggled on.

How do I unshare a canvas that I have shared with someone?

From the Home screen, click on the … next to the canvas you want to unshare and click Canvas Settings. Under Canvas Sharing you can click the X next to any user in order to remove that user from your canvas. You can remove yourself from other peoples Canvases but you will not be able to share (or remove) someone else’s Canvas with another user.

What is the Featured section?

The Featured section is where WHIM curates Art & NFT experiences for you to view on your Canvas. To access the Featured page, click the WHIM icon in the center of the navigation bar.

What is the Discover page?

Think of the Discover page like TikTok for Art. It is where you can search for specific pieces or get an algorithmically generated feed of pieces that match your interests. The more you use the WHIM app to show pieces on your Canvas, the more accurate recommendations become. To access Discover, click the compass icon on your navigation bar.


I dropped my Canvas and it doesn’t work now.

Let’s start with some basic troubleshooting you can do. First reboot the canvas by unplugging it from the power and then plugging it back in again. If no image appears on the Canvas then please e-mail WHIM at help@onawhim.com. If you get power you should confirm it is connected to WiFi by checking in the Home section to see if the Canvas is online. If not then connect to WiFi by following the instructions in the app.