The WHIM EXPERIENCE LOUNGE at The Canvas 3.0 Westfield World Trade Center

See it to believe it.

Come one, come all! The WHIM Experience Lounge is now open to the public in New York’s iconic phygital gallery, The Canvas 3.0, located within the Oculus in Lower Manhattan. WHIM is a family of breakthrough heads up canvases transforming the way we experience the breakthroughs in media (web3, metaverse, crypto and NFTs) and the media we’re all familiar with (art, music, social, streaming, and gaming). Our canvases create a new way to engage with our digital lives. WHIM canvases are a compelling companion to our smartphone centric lifestyle, and the gateway to redefining the walls of our home.

About The Canvas

The Canvas propels emerging, independent creators of both digital and physical goods into new retail markets. Through an innovative model which leverages vacant commercial real estate and strategic partnerships with major landlords, The Canvas powers a number of concepts, including multi-brand retail, single-brand retail and The Canvas 3.0, a web 3 focused concept in partnership with WHIM. Follow @thecanvas3.0 on Instagram to stay up to date on weekly events at the gallery and lounge.

Find us: The Oculus at the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. Conveniently accessible via subway/train, taxi, bike, car or ride share. Refer to the map above for where The WHIM Experience Lounge located inside the mall. We can’t wait to share the WHIM experience with you!

For an in-person WHIM experience email us at: to set up a time. We’d love to have you.