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WHIM Hanging Kit

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Hang your canvas from any attachment on a ceiling.

Our go big in your own home canvas

Thin and Light

Sleek and elegant, designed to elevate any space with robust capabilities that enhance every part of your digital life.

WHIM Canvas is powered by a single earbud thin power cord to the canvas, along with wireless bluetooth and WiFi. Connect to all your smart home devices for the ultimate immersive experiences on a WHIM

Cordcutter’s Dream

With just a single ear-bud thin power cord to the canvas and wireless bluetooth, you can connect to all your smart home devices for the ultimate immersive experiences.

WHIM Canvas use VORTEX ROTATION for the cleanest NFT rotation the market. Show it your way, show it on a WHIM.

360 views for 365.

With frame-accurate technology, rotate your canvas with ease and show everything you want in any, and every, orientation.

WHIM NFT Canvas takes your art from your wallet to your walls with direct metamask and walletconnect integrations.

From your wallet to your walls.

Metamask integration means showing every NFT you own and every NFT in the wallets you follow on your walls immediately.

WHIM NFT Canvas is the best display for music NFT. It's music for your eyes on a WHIM

Music for your eyes.

Experience all your music in a visual way that will leave your eyes feasting for more. With Spotify and Apple Music integrations, experience a whole new life with your music.

WHIM canvases are the best nft canvas display for streaming all your favorite media. Stream youtube, stream netflix, stream sports. Stream to the extreme on a WHIM.

Stream to the extreme.

Stream your entertainment to a whole new realm wIth second screen Netflix experiences and larger than life Music possibilities across multiple canvases on your walls.

The WHIM Canvas is the social solution. Augment social media in ways you never dreamed of. Tiktok on a WHIM. Facebook on a WHIM. Twitter on a WHIM.

The social solution.

Unlock all your Tik Tok and Twitter gems from your handheld devices and splash them across your walls for a true shared experience.

The WHIM canvas comes with accessories in the box like an X-Mount, Power cable, WHIM cable, wall cleat, mounting screws and a whim leaner so you can lean it on a WHIM.

What's in the box?


Power Cable

WHIM Cable

Wall Cleat

Mounting Screws


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