Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your Canvas

You should have received an email from WHIM with a tracking link on it. Please check your emails and if you need it sent again, let us know at
We shipped your Canvas to the address you provided but you can log in (or create) your Fedex account and change your receiving address there.
Please email us at with some details on the damage. Including a few pictures of the damage would be really helpful. We will also do some investigating on our end and get back to you shortly.


First make sure you’ve downloaded the WHIM app then follow the instructions there to connect to WiFi.
No, a connection is needed before anything can be done on the Canvas.
When you set up your Canvas you’ll be asked if you want to add a bluetooth speaker. You can also do this later in Canvas settings.
We put together a great guide for helping you mount your Canvas: @TODO: ADD LINK@


Yes, you’ll need your iPhone to be 11.0 or higher and your Android phone to be 5.0 or higher. Find the WHIM App in the Apple app store.
Find a Piece or Stash you like and click that blue link with the Creator’s name. Click that blue ‘Follow’ button on top and you’re good to go! You’ll be notified when that Creator adds more Stuff for you to enjoy on a WHIM.
As long as your Canvas has been provisioned, you can control the Stuff on your Canvas remotely.
Click on the Piece or Stash you love and then click the heart! You’ll then find all your Faves in My Stuff and you’ll start to see similar Stuff you might love in your WHIMfall.
No need to download an app. All apps in WHIM can simply be shown on your Canvas just like another Piece.
You can Show WHIM apps on your Canvas just like any other Piece, either with the long-touch or by clicking on the app and then selecting Show.
From the WHIMfall you can just long-touch any Piece and then flick it up and it’ll go to your Canvas. You can also click on any Piece and then hit the Show button.
A Scene allows you to put Pieces on your Canvases and then save that set-up so you can replay it in a snap!
Definitely! Just go to My Stuff (that’s the little smiley face on the bottom right of the app) and then select My Shots. Hit the big + on the top right, select your shots from your mobile device and you’re on your way.
All of the My Shots you upload are in the WHIM cloud but accessible only by you.
Go to settings (that gear icon), under ‘Home’ select ‘Edit Home section’. Make sure that Routines is checked to be showing. Now on the Home page, under Routines, you can create a Routine, specifying when to wake and sleep the Canvas.
Yes! Others in your household can download the app and create their own account to control the Canvas in your home. Go to the Home section by click on the Home icon on the bottom left. The click on ‘Shared’ on the top and follow the instructions to invite others to use your WHIM.
Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom of the app to get to the Featured section. Here you can discover new Pieces and Creators WHIM is currently featuring. You can also search for a Piece, Stash, App or Creator by using the search bar at the top.


Let’s start with some basic troubleshooting you can do. First reboot the canvas by unplugging it from the power and then plugging it back in again. If no image appears on the Canvas then please e-mail WHIM at If you get power you should confirm it is connected to WiFi by checking in the Home section to see if the Canvas is online. If not then connect to WiFi by following the instructions in the app.